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The Performance of Cobblestone Crushing

Currently sand making is in a special period. On the one hand, the new policy and legislation laid more emphasis on the protection of resources and environment; on the other hand, real estate, water transport engineering and urbanization have a higher quality demand on the gravel.  The traditional method is not suitable any more. A new alternative to meet the policy and demand of the market is a top priority.

The best material such as river pebbles is optimal for sand making. Due to the special geological origin and environment, it makes the pebbles green, hard, wear-resistant and decorative. It is widely used for making sand, home decor, Medical Treatment and Public Health. Pebble is the key to make a breakthrough in the production of sand and gravel.

Although sand pebbles have a lot of advantages, but a lack of professional sand making equipment and processes, which leads to a waste of resources to some extent. New pebble crusher, mainly according to the physical characteristics of pebbles realizes effectively crushing. Especially the crushing chamber design takes the characteristics into account. By using high strength, wear resistance, corrosion-resistant high-chromium alloy, coupled with traditional sand crushing process research and innovation, it achieves efficient and scientific collision.